What is another word for captive?

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Captive is a word that refers to someone or something that is held against their will, or confined in a certain space without the ability to leave. There are several synonyms that can be used to describe this type of situation. For example, you could use words such as prisoner, hostage, detainee, ward, or inmate to refer to someone who is being held captive. Similarly, terms such as trapped, confined, restrained, or imprisoned can be used to describe a situation where someone or something is unable to move or escape. Other related words that might be used in this context include enslaved, subjugated, or bound.

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How to use "Captive" in context?

Captive is the ultimate term for something that is held against its will. Sometimes this means that the object is held in captivity within a prison, while other times the captive may be held in captivity within a barrier such as a fence. Captive animals may be held in zoos, while captive humans are held within correctional facilities. Captives are also commonly used in video games to signify a player character who is not controlled by the player.

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