What is another word for beleaguer?

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[ bɪlˈiːɡə], [ bɪlˈiːɡə], [ b_ɪ_l_ˈiː_ɡ_ə]

Beleaguer is a term that denotes a state of being under immense pressure or difficulty. It can also mean to surround or besiege an opponent, often in warfare. Some synonyms of beleaguer are besiege, encircle, surround, hem in, confine, trap, and hem. These words all imply a sense of being under intense pressure or constraint. Additionally, other synonyms of beleaguer could include harass, hound, pester, annoy, bother, trouble, and vex. These words suggest the idea of constant annoyance or bother, which can create a feeling of being overwhelmed or beleaguered. Ultimately, these synonyms can be useful in conveying a sense of difficulty or challenge.

Synonyms for Beleaguer:

How to use "Beleaguer" in context?

The word "beleaguer" means to surround or hem in someone so as to compel them to submit to one's will. In its broader sense, it can also mean to harass or molest someone. Beleaguering can be a military strategy or a politicial maneuver, and it can involve either physical or verbal intimidation.

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