What is another word for Husbanding?

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Husbanding is the act of managing or conserving resources efficiently. There are several synonyms for this word, such as stewardship, conservation, preservation, and management. Stewardship refers to the responsible management of something, whereas conservation refers to the protection and preservation of natural resources. Preservation is the act of keeping something in its original form, and management is the process of controlling and directing resources to achieve certain goals. Other synonyms for husbanding include frugality, economy, and thriftiness, which all refer to the concept of being careful with money or resources. In summary, there are several synonyms for husbanding, each conveying a similar idea of responsible management or conservation.

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    What are the opposite words for Husbanding?

    Antonyms for the word "husbanding" are diverse and varied. They include neglecting, squandering, wasting, hoarding, and dissipating. Neglecting refers to the act of ignoring or overlooking something that needs attention or care. Squandering connotes the act of using resources recklessly or without any consideration for the future. The antonym of husbanding also includes wasting, which describes the act of using resources extravagantly, leading to their exhaustion. Hoarding, on the other hand, refers to the act of holding onto something excessively, denying others access to it. Finally, the antonym of husbanding is dissipating, indicating the act of scattering or dispersing resources without any consideration for their future use.

    Usage examples for Husbanding

    Nettleship pointed out to us the importance of Husbanding our stores.
    "Paddy Finn"
    W. H. G. Kingston
    But when Monsieur Cherami received his quarterly interest, instead of Husbanding that small sum, his last resource, paying some few debts, and dining inexpensively at one of the soup-kitchens, he would betake himself, with head erect and an arrogant air, to one of the best restaurants in Paris, take his seat with a great flourish, call the waiter, and order a sumptuous dinner of the daintiest dishes and the most expensive wines; and all in such wise that everybody who was in the room could hear him.
    "Monsieur Cherami"
    Charles Paul de Kock
    They were Husbanding their small resources for the time of need.
    "In Wild Rose Time"
    Amanda M. Douglas

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