What is another word for feisty?

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[ fˈa͡ɪsti], [ fˈa‍ɪsti], [ f_ˈaɪ_s_t_i]

Feisty is a word used to describe someone or something that is full of energy, determination, and a strong personality. There are many synonyms for feisty that can be used to describe someone or something with similar traits. Some of the synonyms for feisty include spirited, spunky, plucky, lively, energetic, enthusiastic, vivacious, tenacious, and determined. These words can be used to describe anyone from an athlete who is fierce on the field to a young child who refuses to give up on a difficult task. Regardless of how it is used, feisty and its synonyms convey a sense of determination and grit that is admired by many.

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    How to use "Feisty" in context?

    When most people think of feisty, they might think of a spirited young woman or a competitive athlete. And while those traits are certainly part of what make someone feisty, there's another side to feistiness that can be just as strong and impressive. Feistiness can be described as a powerful and persistent character trait. It's the quality that makes someone stand up for what they believe in and don't take kindly to anyone who stands in their way. Feisty people are often determined, passionate and determined.

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