What is another word for argumentative?

Pronunciation: [ˌɑːɡjuːmˈɛntətˌɪv] (IPA)

When it comes to expressing an opinion with a forceful tone, many synonyms can replace the term "argumentative." Some alternatives for this word include contentious, controversial, combative, disputatious, and confrontational. Each of these synonyms conveys a slightly different meaning, but they all share the idea that the speaker is ready to challenge opposing views. An argumentative person might say they are merely passionate or assertive, but these synonyms can also describe a confrontational attitude that may alienate others. When choosing words to describe oneself or others, it is always important to consider the tone and context to ensure clear communication.

Synonyms for Argumentative:

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What are the opposite words for argumentative?

The antonyms for the word "argumentative" are peaceful, agreeable, persuasive, conciliatory, and reconciliatory. Peaceful refers to a persona who avoids conflict and promotes harmony. Agreeable means someone who is willing to accept or comply with something without argument. Persuasive is a term used to describe a person who uses logic and reason to convince others to his or her viewpoint without aggressive tactics. Conciliatory refers to someone who seeks to reconcile differences and proposes solutions that benefit everyone involved. Reconciliatory describes a person who makes efforts to restore friendly relations between two parties, resolving all their differences.

Usage examples for Argumentative

As such, they are among those of his works which lend themselves to a rough kind of classification; and may be called "argumentative."
"A Handbook to the Works of Browning (6th ed.)"
Mrs. Sutherland Orr
But the poem itself is essentially constructed out of a philosophical theory too purely argumentative to lend itself easily to poetry.
"English Literature and Society in the Eighteenth Century"
Leslie Stephen
Walter, who at this time was living in Paris, defended his action in a highly argumentative letter which he addressed to his father, but which he took care to have distributed among his friends in many copies.
"Henrietta Maria"
Henrietta Haynes

Famous quotes with Argumentative

  • I do remember the whole thing as being very argumentative, hot blooded... a permanent state of friction between Jon and Chris, Chris and me, me and Jon.
    Bill Bruford
  • You don't gather knowledge when you are getting to know yourself; you lose it. Many of your firmest ideas go out the window. You may feel naked, vulnerable, threatened, argumentative, angry.
    Barry Long
  • Like such titles as Christian and Quaker, "anarchist" was in the end proudly adopted by one of those against whom it had been used in condemnation. In 1840, Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, that stormy, argumentative individualist who prided himself on being a man of paradox and a provoker of contradiction, published the work that established him as a pioneer libertarian thinker.In the same book he became the first man willingly to claim the title of anarchist.The passages in which he introduces "anarchist" and "anarchy" are historically important enough to merit quotation, since they not merely show these words being used for the first time in a socially positive sense, but also contain in germ the justification by natural law which anarchists have in general applied to their arguments for a non-authoritarian society.
    Pierre-Joseph Proudhon

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