What is another word for crabbed?

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[ kɹˈabd], [ kɹˈabd], [ k_ɹ_ˈa_b_d]

Crabbed is an adjective used to describe someone who is irritable, ill-tempered or grumpy. Some synonyms for crabbed include: irascible, grouchy, cantankerous, cross, peevish, testy, moody, sullen, and surly. These words describe a person who is difficult to approach or get along with, usually because of a sour or bad-tempered disposition. A crabbed person may seem to be in a constant state of irritation, and they may be quick to snap or lash out at others. The synonyms for crabbed help to describe this particular temperament, and they give us a sense of what it's like to interact with someone who is in a crabby mood.

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    The adjective "crabbed" is derived from the Old English word "krabben", meaning "to grasp." Today, "crabbed" is most commonly used to describe something that has been affected by grasping or pressure, such as a hand or a feeling of shyness.

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