What is another word for externalize?

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When it comes to describing the act of externalizing something, there are several synonyms to choose from. If you're looking to convey the idea of making something outside of oneself or expressing something in a tangible way, you might opt for words like "project," "manifest," or "embody." Alternatively, if you want to emphasize the idea of putting something into words or giving voice to a previously unspoken idea, you could use terms like "articulate," "verbalize," or "express." Finally, if you want to highlight the notion of moving something from the realm of the internal to the external world, words like "externalize," "materialize," and "objectify" might be more fitting options.

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How to use "Externalize" in context?

Externalization is the process of making something external to a person or thing. Externalization can take many forms, such as thoughts, feelings, and behaviors becoming external objects. Externalization helps us to understand and manage our emotions and behaviors. Externalization can also provide opportunities for serenity and mindfulness.

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