What is another word for forbid?

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[ fəbˈɪd], [ fəbˈɪd], [ f_ə_b_ˈɪ_d]

Related words: dissing, diss, not interested, dislike, rude message, telling off, banning, not allowed

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    Synonyms for Forbid:

    How to use "Forbid" in context?

    The word "forbid" means "to forbid as to do not allow" and as a verb it means "to order not to allow". In formal writing, "forbid" is also used to introduce a law, order, or decree. In less formal contexts, "forbid" is often used informally to express a wish, suggestion, or opinion.

    Some common expressions that use "forbid" are: "I forbid you to do that!"; "Can you please forbid them from coming in?"; "I refuse to forbid you from doing this.".

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