What is another word for preclude?

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Preclude is a verb that means to prevent or make something impossible. It is sometimes difficult to find the perfect word to convey the precise meaning one wants to express. Some synonyms for preclude include prohibit, hinder, forestall, obstruct, impede, deter, curb, and avert. Prohibit implies a formal or legal prevention of something. Hinder is to cause delay, while forestall suggests taking action beforehand to prevent something from happening. Obstruct means to block a pathway, while impede is to slow down or hinder progress. Deter involves creating fear or discouragement to prevent an action. Curb implies the ability to restrain or limit an action, and avert is to prevent something from occurring.

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How to use "Preclude" in context?

Preclude means to preclude, to rule out, to exclude. It is a verb meaning to stop something from happening, either as a result of something that has already happened or as a prelude to something that is happening. In law, to preclude means to rule out or exclude any action being brought against a party. Precluding a lawsuit can mean that the party cannot bring a legal action against another party because of a statute that would otherwise prohibit it. To preclude a sale of an asset means to put into effect measures to make it impossible for the asset to be sold.

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