What is another word for full-blooded?

Pronunciation: [fˈʊlblˈʌdɪd] (IPA)

The phrase "full-blooded" can be used to describe a person or animal that is considered to be of pure or complete lineage. Some synonyms that can express this idea include purebred, thoroughbred, and pedigreed. In addition, the phrase can also be used to describe someone with a strong, vigorous, or robust personality. Other phrases that convey this sentiment include spirited, dynamic, bold, and passionate. Alternatively, the phrase "full-blooded" could imply a sense of abundance, completion, or saturation. Synonyms that could express this sense of fullness might include plentiful, ample, profuse, or abundant. Ultimately, the choice of synonym will depend on the context and connotation of the word "full-blooded" in each individual situation.

Synonyms for Full-blooded:

What are the hypernyms for Full-blooded?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

Famous quotes with Full-blooded

  • Democracy is the wholesome and pure air without which a socialist public organization cannot live a full-blooded life.
    Mikhail Gorbachev
  • The soviet people want full-blooded and unconditional democracy.
    Mikhail Gorbachev
  • Free speech – proper, full-blooded free speech – is the lifeblood of any progressive politics and of any progressive transformation of society. If we treasure the one, we must treasure the other.
    Kenan Malik
  • Whitman...a man full-blooded and brotherly, unselfconscious in his democracy and genuinely at ease with all kinds and classes.
    Walt Whitman

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