What is another word for aerodynamic?

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Aerodynamic refers to the ability to move through the air with maximum efficiency. Some synonyms for aerodynamic include streamlined, sleek, smooth, efficient, and graceful. Streamlined is often used to describe objects that have been designed to reduce drag and resistance when moving through the air, such as airplanes or cars. Sleek also refers to a smooth and elegant design, often used to describe high-speed vehicles like sports cars or speedboats. Efficient typically describes objects or designs that can move quickly and effectively through air or any other medium. Graceful, on the other hand, describes an object or design that moves with fluidity and ease, often resembling the movements of a bird in flight.

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How to use "Aerodynamic" in context?

What is an aerodynamic? Simply put, an aerodynamic is a device or system that helps to reduce drag on an object moving through the air. This can be accomplished in a variety of ways, from the shape of the object itself to the way air flows around it. Aerodynamic devices can be found on aircraft, cars, boats and wind turbines, to name a few.

Air drag is the force that slows an object moving through the air. The faster an object is moving, the more air drag it will experience. This drag can cause the object to lose energy and eventually stop, or at least slow down.

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