What is another word for updates?

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[ ˈʌpde͡ɪts], [ ˈʌpde‍ɪts], [ ˈʌ_p_d_eɪ_t_s]

The word "updates" implies making something current or bringing it up-to-date. There are a variety of synonyms that can be used interchangeably with this term, depending on the context and tone. Examples of synonyms include: refreshes, rejuvenates, renews, modernizes, revamps, upgrades, overhauls, improves, amends, modifies. Each of these words has its unique nuance, emphasizing different aspects of the updating process. For instance, "refreshes" or "rejuvenates" can be more appropriate for updating a webpage or social media platform, while "modernizes" or "upgrades" can be used for a software or hardware update. Choosing the right synonym for updates can help you convey your message accurately and effectively.

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    Usage examples for Updates

    This translation is of the earliest version, and does not reflect subsequent updates, additions, and changes by the author.
    Nakashima, Tadashi
    Your registration will support further research, and production of updates.
    "The Online World"
    Odd de Presno
    You can register your current copy, or sign up for six updates of the book during one year.
    "The Online World"
    Odd de Presno

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