What is another word for refashioned?

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[ ɹɪfˈaʃənd], [ ɹɪfˈaʃənd], [ ɹ_ɪ_f_ˈa_ʃ_ə_n_d]

Refashioned is a term that refers to the process of altering or redesigning something to give it a new form or purpose. Synonyms for refashioned include renovated, remodeled, redesigned, revamped, modernized, and updated. These words all capture the idea of taking something old and giving it a fresh new look or energy. They can be applied to many different types of objects, from clothing to furniture, buildings to websites. Each of these synonyms implies a sense of transformation and improvement, suggesting that the original item has been given a new lease on life. Whether you're refashioning an outfit or refurbishing your home, these synonyms can help you describe the process in a variety of ways.

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    What are the opposite words for refashioned?

    The antonyms for the word "refashioned" are words that indicate the opposite of changing or transforming something. These words include "maintained," "preserved," "conserved," "unchanged," "unaltered," and "static." While refashioning implies the act of modifying or improving something, its antonyms suggest the state of keeping things in their original form without any changes. The opposite of refashioned could also mean "outdated" or "obsolete," which describes things that are no longer fashionable or relevant in contemporary society. Therefore, the antonyms for refashioned convey the notion of preservation and permanence, as opposed to change and transformation.

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    • One thing that cannot be denied to the realists: a constant and intense desire to write well, to write artistically. When I think of what they have done in the matter of the use of words, of the myriad verbal effects they have discovered, of the thousand forms of composition they have created, how they have remodelled and refashioned the language in their untiring striving for intensity of expression for the very osmazome of art, I am lost in ultimate wonder and admiration.
      George Moore (novelist)

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