What is another word for preparatory?

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Preparatory is a word that means something that prepares or assists in preparation for a specific task or event. Some synonyms for preparatory include preliminary, initial, introductory, foundational, informative, and instructive. These words all suggest elements of readiness and foundation, but with a slight variation in meaning. Preliminary implies a first step in a process, while initial refers to the first, basic elements of something. Foundational suggests a fundamental and essential nature, while informative and instructive emphasize learning, education, and instruction. When looking for the right synonym for preparatory, it's essential to consider the intended context, tone, and meaning of the word.

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How to use "Preparatory" in context?

Preparatory school is a type of school that prepares students for grade school, high school, and beyond. Many students attend preparatory schools because they want to "gap" or "bridge" the gap between early childhood and grade school. Some students attend preparatory schools because their families feel that they will profit from the instruction and enrichment offered. Overall, preparatory schools provide an interesting and enriching educational experience for students.

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