What is another word for agate line?

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Agate line is commonly used to describe a banded, colorful form of chalcedony. However, there are several synonyms that can also be used to describe this unique stone. For example, agate ribbon refers to the banded appearance of the stone, while agate striations highlights the distinct stripes or lines within the stone's coloring. Additionally, terms like agate banding, agate layering, and agate veining can also be used to describe this stone's characteristic aesthetic. Whether used for jewelry-making or decorative objects, agate is a beautiful and eye-catching stone that has been treasured for centuries.

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    Agate line is a type of jewelry made of agate, a semiprecious stone. The stone is cut into intricate shapes and then polished to a high shine. agate is said to have many healing properties and can be used for protection from negative energy.

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