What is another word for bathrobe?

Pronunciation: [bˈaθɹə͡ʊb] (IPA)

A bathrobe is a type of garment that is worn after taking a shower or a bath. It is also known as a dressing gown, housecoat, or a lounging robe. The term "bathrobe" is a combination of two words, "bath" and "robe". It is made from soft materials such as cotton, silk, or polyester, and usually has a belt to secure it around the waist. Some other synonyms for a bathrobe include a kimono, a wrap, a poncho, or a caftan. Bathrobes are available in a variety of colors and designs, and are a popular choice for loungewear or for bedtime attire.

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Usage examples for Bathrobe

She was wearing a blue bathrobe several sizes too large for her, instead of the poncho things the slaves in the hallway wore.
"Space Viking"
Henry Beam Piper
He wrapped his bathrobe carefully about him and opened the door.
"Philo Gubb Correspondence-School Detective"
Ellis Parker Butler
Untired, she brewed him hot coffee, forced him to drink it and lie down; tidied up the little flat there at six-thirty o'clock in the morning, with a hit-and-a-miss it is true, but allaying all signs of confusion; fluted an Eton collar for Zoe and packed her off to school; and at half after eight, just out of a cold and invigorating shower, was combing out the fine electric rush of her hair, a pink Turkish bathrobe, the color of her firm, cool skin, wrapped tightly about her and caught in by a cord at her waist line.
"Star-Dust A Story of an American Girl"
Fannie Hurst

Famous quotes with Bathrobe

  • So to sleep on the sleeping porch required preparation. First, you put on long underwear, pajamas, jeans, a sweatshirt, your grandfather’s old cardigan and bathrobe, two pairs of woolen socks on your feet and another on your hands, and a hat with earflaps tied beneath the chin.Then you climbed into bed and were immediately covered with a dozen bed blankets, three horse blankets, all the household overcoats, a canvas tarpaulin, and a piece of old carpet. I’m not sure that they didn’t lay an old wardrobe on top of that, just to hold everything down. It was like sleeping under a dead horse. For the first minute or so it was unimaginably cold, shockingly cold, but gradually your body heat seeped in and you became warm and happy in a way you would not have believed possible only a minute or two before. It was bliss. Or at least it was until you moved a muscle. The warmth, you discovered, extended only to the edge of your skin and not a micron farther. There wasn’t any possibility of shifting positions. If you so much as flexed a finger or bent a knee, it was like plunging them into liquid nitrogen.
    Bill Bryson

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