What is another word for pauperize?

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Pauperize is a strong verb that means to reduce someone to living in absolute poverty or financial destitution. It is a term mostly used when individuals or a group of people are subjected to extreme poverty and are unable to meet their basic needs. There are several synonyms for pauperize, including impoverish, bankrupt, ruin, beggar, strip, and break. All of these words denote a similar state of financial deprivation and loss of resources. The use of such words emphasizes the depth of the impact of poverty and its effects on individuals and communities. It is essential to address the issues of poverty and strive towards poverty alleviation and eradication.

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What are the hypernyms for Pauperize?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

What are the opposite words for pauperize?

Pauperize is a word that means to make someone poor or impoverish them. However, there are antonyms or words that have the opposite meaning of pauperize. These antonyms include enrich, prosper, and thrive. Enrich means to add value or enhance one's life. Prosper means to be successful or do well financially. Thrive means to flourish or grow vigorously. These antonyms serve as the opposite of pauperize, which implies a loss of financial resources or other forms of poverty. Therefore, if you want to prevent someone from becoming poor or wish to help those in need, use these antonyms to convey a positive and impactful message.

Usage examples for Pauperize

Take care how you pauperize the heart of a people, for you 'll have to make a workhouse of the nation.
"The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)"
Charles James Lever
Which course would be most sure to pauperize them utterly?
"White Slaves"
Louis A Banks
What course would be most sure to pauperize them utterly?"
"White Slaves"
Louis A Banks

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