What is another word for disfigure?

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If you are searching for synonyms for the word "disfigure," there are plenty of options available. A few of the most common synonyms include deform, mar, deface, spoil, impair, tarnish, ruin, damage, and blemish. Each of these words describes an action that negatively impacts the appearance or functionality of something or someone. In most cases, these synonyms can be used interchangeably with the word "disfigure," which means to mar or spoil the appearance of something, typically something or someone's face or body. Whether you are writing a paper, preparing a report, or simply looking to expand your vocabulary, these synonyms for "disfigure" can come in handy.

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How to use "Disfigure" in context?

What is disfigure? Disfigure is a word that means to cause a person's physical appearance to become so distorted or ruined that they are no longer recognizable. Disfigurement can be caused by accidents, disease, or violence. It can also be the result of intentional actions, like burning someone's skin off with a gas oven. Disfigurement can happen to anyone, at any age, no matter how healthy they are. Even if someone is very young, they can be disfigured if they are harmed in a car accident or if they are prematurely born.

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