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Fundamentalist is a term used to describe a person who adheres strictly to a set of basic principles. However, the word itself can be perceived negatively, especially in the context of religion or politics. In order to avoid negative connotations, other synonyms can be used to describe someone who is strongly dedicated to their beliefs. Some examples include traditionalist, conservative, orthodox, purist, dogmatist, and devout. These words all convey the idea of someone who holds unyielding beliefs, but without the negative connotations associated with the term fundamentalist. When describing individuals or groups of people, it's important to choose words that accurately reflect their views without causing offense or misunderstandings.

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How to use "Fundamentalist" in context?

The term "fundamentalist" is often used to describe any person or group of people who adhere to a strict interpretation of religious or spiritual beliefs, often to the exclusion of other interpretations. Fundamentalists can be found in any religion or denomination, but they are particularly common within conservative religious movements such as evangelical Christianity, fundamental Judaism, and Islam.

One of the hallmark traits of a fundamentalist is a belief in the literal interpretation of religious or spiritual texts. This can lead fundamentalists to be opposed to anything that they view as contrary to scripture, including scientific or technological advances that they believe may compromise the purity of the faith.

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