What is another word for amoral?

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Amoral refers to an individual who lacks moral principles or values. Some synonyms of the word "amoral" are immoral, unprincipled, unethical, and corrupt. These words describe people who do not abide by ethical or moral standards and act based on self-interest regardless of the impact on others. Other synonyms of amoral include dishonorable, dishonest, and unscrupulous. These words describe individuals who lack integrity and honesty in their actions and behaviors. Other synonyms that may be associated with the word amoral include depraved, wicked, and base. These terms describe those who lack empathy and compassion towards other beings and act without any sense of conscience.

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The word "amoral" refers to lacking moral principles or not adhering to a code of conduct. Antonyms of this word include moral, ethical, and righteous. These words describe individuals who abide by a set of moral standards and principles. Other antonyms of amoral include virtuous, principled, and honorable. These terms describe people who act with integrity and display strong moral character. Furthermore, words such as just, fair, and right can also serve as antonyms to amoral, as they suggest the presence of a sense of justice and principle that guides one's actions. Ultimately, antonyms to amoral are words that indicate a strong sense of good and evil, right and wrong, and ethical and unethical behavior.

Usage examples for Amoral

They are the pathological liars with little or no initiative or conscience-amoral, not merely theoretically, but instinctively and unconsciously, with all the certitude and perfection of the unconscious accomplishment.
"The Glands Regulating Personality"
Louis Berman, M.D.
Nature worship was originally as "amoral" as nature itself.
"The Oriental Religions in Roman Paganism"
Franz Cumont
And the consequence of this has been that while Christian teaching has been lavish in the use of attractive phrases its actual result has been to create a type of character that has been not so much immoral as amoral.
"A Grammar of Freethought"
Chapman Cohen

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