What is another word for pule?

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[ pjˈuːl], [ pjˈuːl], [ p_j_ˈuː_l]

The word "pule" is not commonly used in everyday language, which makes finding synonyms for it a bit of a challenge. However, some words that could be used in place of "pule" include whine, whimper, squeal, and yelp. These words all suggest a high-pitched sound that could be associated with a cry or complaint. "Pule" itself is generally used to describe the sound made by a baby or small child, so these synonyms could be particularly useful when discussing the vocalizations of young children or animals. Additionally, these words could be used in a more figurative sense to describe someone who is complaining or lamenting about something.

How to use "Pule" in context?

The word "pule" is derived from the Hawaiian word "pūlea," meaning "to emit a low guttural sound." The word is typically used to describe the sound of a person sneezing.

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