What is another word for re-marks?

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The term "re-marks" can be interchangeably used with other related terms such as "comments," "feedback," or "observations." It refers to statements or opinions shared in response to an event, situation, or work that has already been presented. Synonyms for "re-marks" can differ depending on the context in which they are used. In academic settings, it can be associated with phrases like "critique," "evaluation," or "assessment." For creative works, synonyms for "re-marks" can include "reviews," "appraisals," "impressions," or "judgments." Whatever term is used, the purpose of re-marks is to provide constructive input that can help improve the quality of work or thought presented.

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How to use "Re-marks" in context?

Re-marks are a type of graffiti found in many urban areas. They are typically composed almost exclusively of bicycle gears and wheel rims, with either the rider's name or a clever phrase or sentence created with precision and care.

Re-marks are a form of expression that often has a deeper meaning than simply graffiti. They are often a memorial to a lost friend or comrade, or a sign of appreciation for a moment in time. They are pieces of art that can exist anywhere, indoors or out, and can be seen by anyone who walks by.

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