What is another word for shirty?

Pronunciation: [ʃˈɜːti] (IPA)

The word "shirty" is often used to describe someone who is irritable or easily annoyed. There are plenty of other synonyms that can be used to describe a person's temperamental behavior. These include words like grumpy, testy, snappish, peevish, surly, cranky, irascible, petulant, and moody. All of these words describe someone who is easily angered and prone to sudden outbursts or mood swings. While the word "shirty" may not be commonly used in everyday conversation, it is the perfect way to describe someone who is easily irritable and difficult to deal with.

What are the opposite words for shirty?

Shirty is a colloquial term used to describe someone who is easily angered or irritated. Antonyms of shirty would therefore be words that describe someone who is calm or composed. Words such as placid, peaceful, serene, composed, tranquil, and relaxed are all antonyms of shirty. These words all denote a sense of calmness and control, showing the opposite of someone who is easily provoked. Other antonyms for shirty include happy-go-lucky, carefree, easy-going, and nonchalant, which all suggest a laid-back attitude that is not prone to getting upset over trivial matters. Choosing to adopt these antonyms in our behavior may help to create a more positive and peaceful atmosphere in all aspects of life.

Usage examples for Shirty

But you ain't shirty with me?
"Liza of Lambeth"
W. Somerset Maugham
You won't get shirty?
"Alias The Lone Wolf"
Louis Joseph Vance
"Now, my belief is, Lo Ben is shirty about our gold-prospecting.
"The Triumph of Hilary Blachland"
Bertram Mitford

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