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Grumpy is an adjective used to describe someone who is irritable, unhappy, and discontented. There are several synonyms for this word, including crabby, grouchy, cantankerous, cranky, peevish, surly, testy, irascible, and cantankerous. If someone is crabby, they're in a bad mood and are easily irritated. Grouchy people are similarly irritable, but they show their bad mood by complaining or snapping at others. Cantankerous people are difficult to get along with and are often very critical. Cranky people are easily upset or annoyed, and peevish people are irritable or ill-tempered. Surly people are bad-tempered and unapproachable, while testy people are easily irritated or annoyed. Irascible people are short-tempered and easily provoked.

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If you've ever been feeling grumpy, chances are you're not alone. Research has shown that people who are grumpy on a regular basis are more likely to be unhappy, have lower self-esteem, and be more stressed out than those who aren't grumpy. Researchers aren't sure why grumpiness is linked with these negative outcomes, but some possible explanations include feeling like you're all alone in your unhappiness, that you're not attractive or lovable, and that other people are getting more than you.

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