What is another word for Stylograph?

Pronunciation: [stˈa͡ɪləɡɹˌaf] (IPA)

A stylograph is a pen that uses a fine needle to draw ink from a reservoir, producing a smooth line. Some synonyms for this word include fountain pen, ink pen, and quill pen. Fountain pens have a similar design to a stylograph, using a reservoir and nib to write with. Ink pens are similar but usually have a ballpoint or rollerball design instead of a fine needle. Quill pens are an older version of the stylograph, made from feathered bird quills. Additionally, other synonyms for stylograph include dip pen, calligraphy pen, and writing instrument. Overall, these synonyms describe different types of writing tools that produce a similar effect to the stylograph.

What are the opposite words for Stylograph?

Stylograph is a word that refers to a writing instrument that has a small ball bearing or a pointed metal tip that dispenses ink onto paper. Some of the antonyms for the word "stylograph" include pencil, pen, marker, brush, quill, crayon, and chalk. A pencil is a writing instrument that uses a graphite core to mark letters on paper, while a pen uses ink and a nib or ballpoint. Other writing tools, such as markers, brushes, and quills, use different materials and methods to create markings. On the other hand, crayons and chalk utilize wax and pigment to create bold color on surfaces. These antonyms for "stylograph" provide various options for writers and artists to choose how they express their creativity.

What are the antonyms for Stylograph?

Usage examples for Stylograph

Presently his friend came out in a desperate hurry, with a Stylograph behind his ear, and his hands laden with papers.
"Tales of Bengal"
S. B. Banerjea
He had never approached Plank in vain, and he did not do so now, for Plank had a pocket cheque-book and a Stylograph.
"The Fighting Chance"
Robert W. Chambers
She was smoking a cigarette, and writing numbers of letters with a gold Stylograph pen.
"Red Hair"
Elinor Glyn

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