What is another word for tampers with?

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[ tˈampəz wɪð], [ tˈampəz wɪð], [ t_ˈa_m_p_ə_z w_ɪ_ð]

The expression "tampers with" implies someone is meddling with something, usually with ill intentions. There are many synonyms for this phrase including "interferes with", "disturbs", "manipulates", "meddles with", "fiddles with", "alters", "changes", "tweaks", "adjusts", "twists", "tamper-proof" , and "contaminates". These synonyms have slight differences in meanings, but they all convey a sense of disturbance to something that shouldn't be changed. Whether it be someone tampering with evidence or a product being contaminated, we must ensure that we use the appropriate term to describe the level and type of tampering involved.

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How to use "Tampers with" in context?

Tampers are essential tools for the craft beer lover. Not only do they help with the bottling process, but they can also be used to top off kegs and serve beer. Here are some tips on how to use tampers the best way possible:

- First, gather all of the materials you need, including the beer, the siphon, the tamper and the tubing.

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