What is another word for manipulate?

Pronunciation: [mənˈɪpjʊlˌe͡ɪt] (IPA)

Manipulate is a term used to describe the act of physically or mentally controlling something or someone to one's advantage. Synonyms for manipulate include manage, direct, influence, control, maneuver, steer, guide, handle, conduct, operate, and employ. Each of these words can be used interchangeably depending on the context of the situation. For instance, a person may manipulate a machine by steering or operating it, while managing or controlling a group of people may involve the use of influence or guidance. The use of synonyms enhances the writer's ability to convey the right message in a clear and concise manner.

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What are the opposite words for manipulate?

Manipulate means to handle or control something skillfully with careful and subtle movements. Antonyms of the verb manipulate are straightforward, honest, direct, forthright, and sincere. Straightforward means simple and clear, whereas honest means truthful and trustworthy. Direct means straightforward and effective, whereas forthright means honest and straightforward in manner or speech. Sincere means genuine, without deceit or pretense. These words convey the opposite meaning of the word manipulate, which can be used when one is not interested in controlling, deceiving or influencing someone else, but instead wants to be open, truthful, and authentic in their dealings.

What are the antonyms for Manipulate?

Usage examples for Manipulate

As if, whatever this is manipulating natural laws can also manipulate the way our minds work.
"Eight Keys to Eden"
Mark Irvin Clifton
Few people are aware how strongly tarred rope can be bound together by seamen and others accustomed to manipulate it.
"The Story of Malta"
Maturin M. Ballou
The arrogant belief that, as long as one has money, one can do anything, is not mere arrogance; money is in actuality the mechanism by which the functions and activities of the city are supported, and the means by which people so freely manipulate the city's functions in order to bring about prosperity.
Nakashima, Tadashi

Famous quotes with Manipulate

  • I've never tried to manipulate my image.
    Alan Alda
  • But no one should have the right to manipulate my films in the first place.
    Dario Argento
  • Foreknowledge of the future makes it possible to manipulate both enemies and supporters.
    Raymond Aron
  • I like to think of sales as the ability to gracefully persuade, not manipulate, a person or persons into a win-win situation.
    Bo Bennett
  • Politicians, no matter who they are, shouldn't be able to manipulate the public on a single issue and then call an election at the height of support - that's a little bit of a manipulation of democracy.
    Jim Bolger

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