What is another word for tweak?

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[ twˈiːk], [ twˈiːk], [ t_w_ˈiː_k]

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    Synonyms for Tweak:

    How to use "Tweak" in context?

    In computing, a tweak is a small change to a computer program or system, typically one that is intended to fix a bug or improve performance. Tweaks may be applied manually by a user, or automatically by a software tool. Many tweaks are available for free, while others are commercial applications.

    Tweaks can be simple, such as adjusting the font size on a computer screen, or more complex, such as rewriting code or configuring an operating system. They can be used for personal use, such as to fix a problem with a program, or for professional use, such as to improve performance of a program or system in a production environment.

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