What is another word for tamper?

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Tampering refers to the act of improperly manipulating or altering something with the intention to cause harm or deceive. There are several synonyms for tamper, depending on the context. Interfere, meddle, tinker, and manipulate are frequently used to denote tampering with machines, appliances, and devices. To doctor, falsify, or forge are commonly used for tampering with documents, evidence, or records. Meddle, interfere, and intervene are often used for tampering with personal relationships or other people's affairs. Changing, altering, or modifying are some ways of describing tampering with something to make it better or to adjust to a particular situation. Whatever the context, tampering is a serious offense that can have significant consequences.

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The word "tamper" refers to the act of interfering with something or changing it in a harmful or unauthorized way. Some antonyms for tamper include "respect," "honor," and "preserve." Someone who respects a situation, object, or person refrains from altering or disrupting it. When someone honors something, they acknowledge its significance and treat it with reverence. And when someone preserves something, they take steps to protect it and prevent any harm or damage. These antonyms for tamper imply a sense of responsibility, care, and appreciation for the things and people around us.

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Usage examples for Tamper

"Not allowed to tamper with other companies' robots," Wynn said.
"The Love of Frank Nineteen"
David Carpenter Knight
And Prince Hohenstiel has another and still stronger reason for not desiring to tamper with the existing order of things.
"A Handbook to the Works of Browning (6th ed.)"
Mrs. Sutherland Orr
Henrietta herself was not blind to this aspect of the case, and she tried to propitiate her eldest son, to whom she had given a promise that she would not tamper with his brother's religion.
"Henrietta Maria"
Henrietta Haynes

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