What is another word for thumbs nose at?

Pronunciation: [θˈʌmz nˈə͡ʊz at] (IPA)

"Thumbs nose at" is an idiom that means to openly show contempt or disrespect for someone or something. There are several synonyms for this phrase, including disregard, ignore, scorn, disdain, mock, ridicule, deride, and dismiss. Each of these words conveys a certain level of disregard or disrespect for the subject at hand. For example, if someone is ignoring a rule or law, they might be said to be "thumbing their nose" at it. Similarly, if someone is mocking or ridiculing another person, they are showing contempt for that person. All of these words can be used to portray a similar sentiment as "thumbs nose at," depending on the context and tone of the situation.

What are the opposite words for thumbs nose at?

The phrase "thumbs nose at" is an idiom which means to show contempt or defiance towards someone or something. Antonyms for this phrase could include showing respect, admiration or reverence towards someone or something. Some examples of antonyms to "thumbs nose at" would include honoring, praising, appreciating, acknowledging or recognizing. These antonyms would signify a positive and respectful attitude towards someone or something, instead of showing antagonism or disrespect that the phrase "thumbs nose at" would represent. It is important to consider the context and tone while using any of these words to ensure effective communication.

What are the antonyms for Thumbs nose at?

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