What is another word for defy?

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Defy is a powerful and forceful word that denotes a challenge to authority or an act of rebellion against convention. There are several synonyms for defy, each with its unique connotations. Some of the commonly used synonyms include resist, oppose, confront, challenge, and disobey. Resist is often used in the sense of standing firm against something, while oppose suggests actively working against something. Confront implies facing up to a problem or issue, while challenge has a similar meaning but suggests a more active and deliberate approach. Disobey, on the other hand, implies a refusal to obey orders or rules. All of these synonyms can be used as alternatives to defy, depending on the context and tone of a given sentence.

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    When we defy something, we have the intention of not following through with what we have been told or what is expected of us. This can be done in a number of ways, but typically involves breaking from what others deem as normal or acceptable. It can be tempting to defy authority, but doing so can often have negative consequences. For example, a student who refrains from following their teacher's instructions may be scolded or punished, while a rebellion against a tyrannical regime may lead to imprisonment, death or exile. By definition, defiance is a strong act of resistance or an instance of breaking the rules.

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