What is another word for cliched?

Pronunciation: [kliːʃˈe͡ɪd] (IPA)

Cliched is a term that implies a lack of originality, creativity, and freshness. It's a buzzword that's often used to criticize repetitive and trite expressions or ideas. However, there are many ways to describe this familiar and overused territory with more precision and nuance. Some synonyms for cliched include banal, hackneyed, predictable, stale, tired, worn-out, corny, hack, platitudinous, and trite. These words can help you convey a more specific and tailored message when you want to avoid sounding like everyone else. Using synonyms can enrich your writing by adding variety, depth, and style to your prose.

Synonyms for Cliched:

What are the hypernyms for Cliched?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

What are the opposite words for cliched?

The word "cliched" can be described through a variety of antonyms such as original, refreshing, innovative, new, unconventional, and creative. Cliched refers to a phrase, idea, or action that has been overused, making it predictable and lacking in freshness or creativity. Therefore, antonyms for cliched must signify innovation or uniqueness. One can break free from the typical ideas and create something never seen before through an out-of-the-box approach for the cliched norms, using fresh ideas and new trends. Moving away from the expected and exploring different possibilities allow for the creation of something truly unforgettable and impactful.

Famous quotes with Cliched

  • It would have been convenient to be gay. Just because of the grooming, the narcissism, stuff like that. But I have this kind of roaring heterosexuality. Traditional, uncomplicated heterosexuality, an almost cliched Robin Askwith thing.
    Russell Brand
  • I think film had a terrible effect on horror fiction particularly in the 80s, with certain writers turning out stuff as slick and cliched as Hollywood movies.
    Poppy Z. Brite
  • I don't feel the need to direct. I tried to get other people to direct Dances, but they wouldn't do it. They all thought it was too long. One director wanted to cut the Civil War sequence. Another thought the white woman was very cliched.
    Kevin Costner
  • I really feel like the first day I went to drama school and I went up on stage, that I found my vocation. It's kind of a cliched thing to say but I really feel like it was what I was meant to do.
    Diane Kruger
  • I'm interested in what would normally be considered the worst aspects of commercial art. I think it's the tension between what seems to be so rigid and cliched and the fact that art really can't be this way.
    Roy Lichtenstein

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