What is another word for vagary?

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[ vˈe͡ɪɡəɹˌɪ], [ vˈe‍ɪɡəɹˌɪ], [ v_ˈeɪ_ɡ_ə_ɹ_ˌɪ]

When it comes to finding synonyms for the word "vagary," there are a plethora of options available. Some popular choices include caprice, whim, fancy, quirk, idiosyncrasy, foible, peculiarity, and oddity. All of these words describe a sudden, unpredictable change, or a peculiar or irrational tendency that is out of the ordinary. Each one also carries with it the sense of something spontaneous or inexplicable, adding a whimsical or mysterious quality to the concept of a vagary. Whether you are describing a sudden decision or an unexplained action, there is sure to be a synonym that fits the bill.

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    Synonyms for Vagary:

    What are the hypernyms for Vagary?

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    What are the opposite words for vagary?

    The word "vagary" refers to an unpredictable or eccentric behavior, so antonyms for this word would involve more stable and consistent actions. Some antonyms for "vagary" include predictability, regularity, routine, consistency, steadiness, and stability. These words suggest a consistent pattern of behavior, free from sudden or unpredictable changes. Another set of antonyms for "vagary" may be conformity, uniformity, conventionality, and tradition. These antonyms imply a standardized manner of conducting oneself, without deviating from societal norms. Using antonyms for "vagary" can help provide clarity and precision in communication, highlighting the importance of consistent and predictable behavior in certain contexts.

    What are the antonyms for Vagary?

    Usage examples for Vagary

    In many cases of excess of parts the extra part or member is manifestly derived from the same ovum, and even the same part of the ovum, being merely the effect of a redundancy and vagary of growth.
    "Special Report on Diseases of Cattle"
    U.S. Department of Agriculture J.R. Mohler
    What unaccountable vagary of memory had ever recalled it to him?
    "The Desert of Wheat"
    Zane Grey
    In the previous reaping season I had been left suddenly in the lurch by my Kaffirs, who had silently vanished in the night for other scenes without a word of explanation, or a single regret for the loss they would put me to, and I determined to be prepared in future for such another vagary.
    "Tales from the Veld"
    Ernest Glanville

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