What is another word for Mummeries?

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Mummeries are a type of performance that involves costumes and masks, often associated with traditional festivals and celebrations. Synonyms for this word include masquerade, fancy dress, carnival, pageantry, and theatricals. Each word connotes varying degrees of formality and context, such as masquerade referring to a more playful and secretive atmosphere, while pageantry suggests a grand display of costumes and floats in a parade. No matter the synonym used, mummeries share the common element of performing while disguised in costume, delighting audiences with their unique identities and lively energy. So next time you see a masquerade or carnival, remember the range of words to describe such festive events!

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    The Mummeries are a tradition that originated in the Middle Ages. During a mummery, groups of people would go around wearing costumes and acting out the parts of different characters. popular mummery characters include the jester, the fool, the seer, and the nurse. The mummeries would often take place in rural areas near wells or rivers, and would be frequented by people who wanted to laugh and have fun.

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