What is another word for Vanward?

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[ vˈanwəd], [ vˈanwəd], [ v_ˈa_n_w_ə_d]

Vanward is a term that refers to being at the forefront, or leading the way. This word originates from the Middle English word 'vanewarde', meaning 'front of an army'. Some possible synonyms for vanward include pioneers, trailblazers, leaders, vanguards, forerunners, front-runners, and avant-gardes. These words all share a common theme of being at the forefront of something, whether it be ideas, movements, or innovations. While the specific connotations of each synonym may vary slightly, they all express a sense of being ahead of the pack. Whether one is trying to describe a person, an organization, or even an idea, there are many different words to use in place of vanward.

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    Vanward is a trust-driven, community-led development organization that seeks to create lasting, equitable neighborhoods in the greater Twin Cities area by engaging local residents in the planning and implementation of their communities.

    Founded in 2003, Vanward provides a range of community development services, including land development, housing redevelopment, marketing and infrastructure development, as well as technical assistance, to low- and moderate-income residents in south and east Minneapolis.

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