What is another word for come out of the closet?

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[ kˈʌm ˌa͡ʊtəv ðə klˈɒzɪt], [ kˈʌm ˌa‍ʊtəv ðə klˈɒzɪt], [ k_ˈʌ_m ˌaʊ_t_ə_v ð_ə k_l_ˈɒ_z_ɪ_t]

"Come out of the closet" is a phrase that refers to a person revealing their sexual orientation or gender identity, usually after hiding it for some time. However, this phrase can be considered outdated and insensitive for some people. As a result, there are now several synonyms for "coming out" that are more inclusive and respectful. Some examples include "living openly," "sharing your truth," "disclosing your identity," and "being your authentic self." Using these alternative phrasings helps to create a safer and more supportive environment for individuals of different sexual orientations and gender identities to feel comfortable in expressing themselves.

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How to use "Come out of the closet" in context?

Since the early days of the LGBT rights movement, coming out of the closet has been a central tenet of the movement. Historically, coming out has been a difficult and often fraught process, with many LGBT individuals opting to keep their identities hidden for fear of discrimination and harassment, or public shaming. But as the LGBT rights movement has gained more public support, coming out has become less of a taboo, facilitating greater acceptance for LGBT individuals.

Today, a growing number of LGBT individuals are coming out of the closet, choosing to share their true identity with the world.

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