What is another word for absentee ballot?

Pronunciation: [ˌabsəntˈiː bˈalət] (IPA)

There are several synonyms for the term "absentee ballot" that are commonly used in the United States. One such phrase is "mail-in ballot," which refers to a ballot that is mailed to the voter's home and returned by mail after it has been completed. Another similar phrase is "vote-by-mail," which has become more popular in recent years as more states have adopted this method of voting. Other terms that are sometimes used include "postal vote," "out-of-state ballot," and "absent voter ballot" - the latter of which is often used in states like Michigan. Regardless of the term used, absentee ballots play an important role in allowing voters to participate in the democratic process even if they cannot be physically present at their polling place on Election Day.

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