What is another word for enfranchisement?

Pronunciation: [ɛnfɹˈant͡ʃa͡ɪzmənt] (IPA)

Enfranchisement is a powerful word that signifies the liberation of an individual or a group from a certain form of oppression. It is associated with gaining the right to vote, citizenship, and various other forms of granted freedom. Synonymous words and phrases for enfranchisement include empowerment, liberation, emancipation, freedom, suffrage, civil rights, emancipation, granting of political rights, and ennoblement. All these words convey various shades of meaning associated with empowerment and the liberation of individuals or groups. Enfranchisement is a powerful tool that has made a significant contribution to the progress of democracy worldwide. Synonyms for this word remind us of its importance but also facilitate communication on related topics.

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Enfranchisement refers to the act of granting rights, such as the right to vote or to receive citizenship. The antonyms for enfranchisement, however, include disenfranchisement, meaning the revocation of rights previously granted. Other antonyms include suppression, repression, and oppression, all of which refer to the restriction or denial of rights. Disinheritance and disqualification are also antonyms for enfranchisement, as they refer to the deprivation of rights to property or participation in certain activities. The opposite of enfranchisement, therefore, is the act of limiting or taking away rights, which has significant consequences for those affected.

Usage examples for Enfranchisement

With an exultation he neither strove to repress, nor wished to conceal, Harland received the intelligence of his enfranchisement, with the Marchioness's invitation; nor would the Captain, by unnecessary delays, add to his impatience to behold Louise.
"The Mysterious Wanderer, Vol. I"
Sophia Reeve
On the whole, she was more partial to the educational movement than to that other agitation which aims at securing the political enfranchisement of women.
"George Eliot"
Mathilde Blind
240, 241; attempts to check their enfranchisement, 256, 257, 266, 267, 335; revolt of, see Peasant Revolt Villeroy, Duke of, vii.
"History of the English People, Index"
John Richard Green

Famous quotes with Enfranchisement

  • A gentleman opposed to their enfranchisement once said to me, women have never produced anything of any value to the world. I told him the chief product of the women had been the men, and left it to him to decide whether the product was of any value.
    Anna Howard Shaw
  • Put up at the moment of greatest suffering a prayer, not for thy own escape, but for the enfranchisement of some being dear to thee, and the sovereign spirit will accept thy ransom.
    Margaret Fuller
  • For a long time now there has been a rising tide of rebellion against this Western paramountcy, and a desire to reassert Muslim values and restore Muslim greatness. The Muslim has suffered successive stages of defeat. The first was his loss of domination in the world, to the advancing power of Russia and the West. The second was the undermining of his authority in his own country, through an invasion of foreign ideas and laws and ways of life and sometimes even foreign rulers or settlers, and the enfranchisement of native non-Muslim elements. The third—the last straw—was the challenge to his mastery in his own house, from emancipated women and rebellious children. It was too much to endure, and the outbreak of rage against these alien, infidel, and incomprehensible forces that had subverted his dominance, disrupted his society, and finally violated the sanctuary of his home was inevitable. It was also natural that this rage should be directed primarily against the millennial enemy and should draw its strength from ancient beliefs and loyalties.
    Bernard Lewis
  • The increased stature, and affluence, and enfranchisement of American Muslims...will present true dangers to American Jews.
    Daniel Pipes

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