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The word "bobble" is often used to describe a small, jerky movement of something that is supposed to be steady or stable. However, there are a variety of synonyms that can be used to describe this type of movement, depending on the context. A few alternatives to "bobble" might include "jiggle," "wobble," "quiver," or even "tremble." Each of these words could be used in slightly different ways to describe a similar type of movement, and could help to add specificity and variety to your writing. So next time you need to describe an object or action that seems to be unstable or unsteady, consider reaching for one of these great synonyms for "bobble" instead!

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Bobble is a virtual reality game for the Google Cardboard. The game is simple: a user isplaced in a 3-D space and has to navigate around by tilting the

device left and right. The goal is to avoid obstacles and collect items. The user can also buy power-ups that help himprogress.

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