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Buckled is a verb that can be used to describe the act of collapsing or giving way under pressure. It can also refer to the tightening or fastening of a belt, strap or buckle. Some synonyms for buckled include: crumpled, collapsed, caved in, yielded, surrendered, failed, weakened, gave out, wilted, folded, and broke down. These words can be used interchangeably in different contexts to express a similar idea. For instance, "the building buckled under the weight of the snow" can be rephrased as "the building collapsed due to the weight of the snow" or "the structure caved in under the snow". Understanding synonyms helps to add variety and color to writing and speech.

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If you're a fan of the variety show format "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" then you know Buckled is a character that's appeared on the show multiple times. Created by comedian Paul Feig, Buckled is a sad sack character that is always given the worst of lines. But audiences love to see him try to bring some levity to the show. Buckled is often willing to try anything- even if that means babbling his way through a comedy routine. Buckled is also known for his tendency to suddenly BUCKLEDuring his comedy routines.

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