What is another word for chandelier?

Pronunciation: [ʃˌandəlˈi͡ə] (IPA)

A chandelier is a decorative light fixture that hangs from the ceiling. It is often ornate, featuring multiple arms or tiers, and can add elegance and sophistication to any room. However, there are many other words that can be used in place of chandelier, such as pendant light, ceiling fixture, lamp, luminaire, or even candelabra. Each of these words carries its own unique meaning and style, but all are used to describe a lighting feature that adds beauty and functionality to a space. Whether you prefer a classic crystal chandelier or a more modern pendant light, there is an option for every taste and style.

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Usage examples for Chandelier

Even the sprig of mistletoe for the chandelier in the hall had not been forgotten.
"Grace Harlowe's Senior Year at High School or The Parting of the Ways"
Jessie Graham Flower
His white face with its white beard and white hair wore quite a jovial air, and on top of it was set a crown of carved ice that reminded her of their chandelier in the drawing-room.
"The Rainbow Book Tales of Fun & Fancy"
Mabel Henriette Spielmann
It was a large room, lighted, like our drawing-room, with a great chandelier, and furnished beautifully.
"Wives and Widows; or The Broken Life"
Ann S. Stephens

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