What is another word for irrupt?

Pronunciation: [ˈɪɹʌpt] (IPA)

The term "irrupt" implies a sudden and violent occurrence or outbreak. Synonyms for this word are "erupt," "burst," "break out," "flare up," and "explode." Other alternatives include "surge," "flood," "stream," "pour," and "spill." These words imply a sudden and overwhelming surge, break, or overflow. Additionally, there are other terms that could be synonymous with "irrupt" such as "invade," "intrude" or "trespass." These synonyms suggest an unwelcome intrusion or violation into one's personal space or territory. Nonetheless, depending on the context, any of these synonyms could be used as a substitute for "irrupt".

Synonyms for Irrupt:

What are the hypernyms for Irrupt?

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What are the hyponyms for Irrupt?

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What are the opposite words for irrupt?

The word "irrupt" denotes a sudden and violent outburst or invasion. Its antonyms, therefore, refer to a calmer and more controlled approach. The first antonym is "withdraw" which means to move back or retreat. The second antonym is "retreat" which means to withdraw or step back from a confrontation or situation. The third antonym is "recede" which means to move away from something or someone gradually. Finally, "abate" is also an antonym which refers to a decrease or a diminishing intensity of something. All these antonyms provide a softer approach or the exact opposite of the sudden and violent outburst, which is the meaning of "irrupt".

What are the antonyms for Irrupt?

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