What is another word for come amiss?

Pronunciation: [kˈʌm ɐmˈɪs] (IPA)

The phrase "come amiss" refers to something that is inappropriate or unsuitable for a particular situation. Synonyms for this phrase include "out of place," "inappropriate," "unsuitable," "unfitting," "improper," and "untoward." Other synonyms might include "unwelcome," "ill-timed," "unexpected," or "unforeseen." Essentially, any word that conveys the sense that something is not quite right or doesn't quite fit in a certain context could be considered a synonym for "come amiss." Whether you're talking about an outfit, an action, or a statement, if it's not quite appropriate or expected, it could be said to have come amiss.

Semantically related words:

come to pass, come to an end, come to grief, come undone, happen,

come to mind, come across

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