What is another word for bragging?

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Bragging, the act of boasting or showing off, has a multitude of synonyms to choose from. One common choice is 'boasting', which carries a similar meaning. Another option is 'blowing one's own trumpet', which suggests an attempt to gain attention or praise. 'Swaggering' is often used to describe a confident, arrogant display of pride, whereas 'flaunting' is used to suggest a more subtle, yet still boastful, display. 'Vaunting' is less common but carries a similar meaning, as does 'crowing', which suggests a proud display of achievement. Other options include 'showing off', 'strutting', and 'parading'. Overall, there are plenty of choices available to describe the act of bragging, each with their own subtle nuances.

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    Synonyms for Bragging:

    How to use "Bragging" in context?

    There are few things as satisfying as taking credit for accomplishments - even if they're small. "bragging" is a way of communicating those feelings to others in a positive light. But, like most things in life, there are consequences to bragging.

    The biggest consequences of bragging are social. Bragging can make people feel good about themselves, but it can also make them feel competitive. When people feel competitive, they're more likely to clash with one another and fight for status, which can lead to conflicts.

    Second, bragging can have a detrimental impact on people's self-esteem.

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