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A comet is a celestial body that contains ice, dust, and gas. It has a glowing coma and a distinct tail that usually forms its characteristic shape. Synonyms for the word "comet" include shooting star, meteor, fireball, bolide, and celestial wanderer. The shooting star or meteor is a bright streak of light that appears when a smaller object enters the earth's atmosphere and burns up due to friction. A fireball is a very bright meteor with a magnitude brighter than -4. Bolides are extremely bright fireballs that explode in the atmosphere. Celestial wanderer is a term that refers to any celestial object which is observed moving across the sky.

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Usage examples for Comet

On the peninsula his progress was that of a trailing comet.
James Huneker
Like unto some majestic comet that in passing had blazed out "Be not light; be sound!"
James Huneker
An apparently detached portion of this comet is shown at the extreme left of the picture, looking almost like another independent comet.
"A Text-Book of Astronomy"
George C. Comstock

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