What is another word for coma?

Pronunciation: [kˈə͡ʊmə] (IPA)

Coma is a term that is used to describe a state of unconsciousness, where a person is unable to respond to stimuli. However, there are various synonyms for this word that can be used to describe this state in a more nuanced way. These include terms like unconsciousness, sleep, stupor, trance, lethargy, and catatonia. Each of these words has a slightly different connotation and can be used to describe different degrees or types of comas. For example, unconsciousness may be a more general term used to describe any state where a person is not awake, while stupor may be used to describe a more severe type of coma where a person is barely responsive to stimuli.

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Coma refers to a state of deep unconsciousness, but there are several antonyms to the word that signify alertness or awareness. One antonym is awareness, which refers to the state of being conscious of one's surroundings and environment. Another antonym is alertness, which implies a state of watchfulness or attentiveness. Vigilance, being vigilant or cautiousness, is another antonym for coma, as it suggests a heightened sense of awareness and preparedness. Other antonyms include aliveness, awakeness, and responsiveness. Although coma signifies a state of unconsciousness, its antonyms signify a state of being wide awake, alert and attentive, ready to tackle whatever challenge may come our way.

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Usage examples for Coma

coma invariably develops from sleep.
"On Snake-Poison: its Action and its Antidote"
A. Mueller
If the dose of poison imparted by the snake has been small, the desire may pass off or the sleep may not assume the form of coma, but in all serious cases it quickly assumes that form.
"On Snake-Poison: its Action and its Antidote"
A. Mueller
At other times this transition from coma back to sleep does not take place and consciousness returns quite suddenly, the persons opening their eyes and looking around them, dazed and bewildered, but perfectly conscious at once.
"On Snake-Poison: its Action and its Antidote"
A. Mueller

Famous quotes with Coma

  • The cops picked me up for attempted murder. I can still see the detectives, licking their chops. Thought they had me. Two weeks later, the cat came out of a coma and told the truth. I was innocent.
    Barry White
  • Nicky I think in all fairness, I should explain to you exactly what it is that I do. For instance tomorrow morning ill get up nice and early, take a walk down over to the bank and... walk in and see and uh... if you don't have my money for me, I'll... crack your f***in' head wide-open in front of everybody in the bank. And just about the time I'm comin' out of jail, hopefully, you'll be coming out of your coma. And guess what I'll split your f***in' head open again. 'Cause I'm f***in' stupid. I don't give a f*** about jail. That's my business. That's what I do.
  • Don't forget to take life one day at a time because if you miss a day or two it's called being in a coma.
    Tom Zegan
  • It [The Weather Channel] is the most watched cable channel in America. I'll repeat that. It is the most watched cable channel in America. They were worried about the terrorists immobilizing us, and a portion of our countrymen watch weather. 'Kay, you don't get any more immobile than that... unless you're in a goddamn coma. That means you're saying, "I'd go to the window, but it's too far." If you want to know what the weather is you go to a window and stick your hand out and if you want to know what the temperature is you drive by a bank.
    Lewis Black
  • The best that can be said for Norwegian television is that it gives you the sensation of a coma without the worry and inconvenience.
    Bill Bryson

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