What is another word for antimatter?

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Antimatter, an elusive and enigmatic substance, refers to a mirror image of ordinary matter that has opposite charge and quantum spin. Synonyms with similar meanings include negativematter, opposite matter, and contra-matter. Additionally, antimatter is often categorized as a type of exotic matter, which includes other peculiar substances such as dark matter and dark energy. Some other terms that describe antimatter's unique properties include symmetric matter, counterpart matter, and opposing mass. Scientists are fascinated by antimatter because its interactions with ordinary matter can produce vast amounts of energy, which may have practical applications in areas such as energy production and space exploration.

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Usage examples for Antimatter

On the average, one atom out of every ten million in the universe was an atom of antimatter.
Gordon Randall Garrett
The distribution was unequal of course; antimatter could not exist in contact with ordinary matter.
Gordon Randall Garrett
Now, as we observe the ship, I am going to concentrate on this counterpart of the atom that your scientists might refer to as antimatter or antiparticle.
"Abducted to Oz"
Bob Evans and Chris Dulabone

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