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Phosphorus is an essential element for life as it plays a crucial role in energy transfer within cells and is a vital component of DNA and RNA. There are several synonyms commonly used for this element, including "phosphate," "phosphorous," and "phosphoric." "Phosphate" is the term used for compounds containing the element phosphorus, while "phosphorous" typically refers to the elemental form of phosphorus, which is a highly flammable and reactive material. "Phosphoric" describes compounds derived from phosphorus, such as phosphoric acid. Other synonyms for phosphorus include "white phosphorus" and "red phosphorus," which are different allotropes or forms of the element.

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    Phosphorus is a mineral that is essential for plant growth. Phosphorus is also important for the body's calcification and formation of muscles and bones. Phosphorus is a white crystal that is highly soluble in water.

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