What is another word for distinguishable?

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The word "distinguishable" means something or someone that is discernible or recognizable. There are several synonyms for this word, including "noticeable," "perceivable," "identifiable," "discernable," and "detectable." Each of these words can be used to describe something that can be easily observed and differentiated from other things. Other synonyms for "distinguishable" include "apparent," "observable," "differentiable," and "discriminable." All of these words denote the ability to perceive and assess subtle differences, making them useful in both academic and everyday contexts. Whether you want to describe a distinct pattern, a unique flavor, or an identifiable personality trait, these synonyms for "distinguishable" can help you express your ideas clearly and effectively.

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    The word "distinguishable" can be defined as "capable of being distinguished from others." It is important to be able to distinguish between one thing and another, in order to be able to make fair decisions. There are many qualities that make an object or person distinguishable. One important factor is the object's color. Other factors may include the size, shape, or texture of the object. Distinguishable objects can help us to identify friends, family, and familiar places.

    Being able to distinguish between different colors is an important skill for children.

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