What is another word for discrete?

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Discrete, meaning separate or distinct, has a few synonyms that can be used to add variety and clarity to your writing. One option is 'distinct,' which can be used to emphasize the individuality or uniqueness of something. 'Separate' is another option, highlighting the space between one thing and another. 'Detached' can be used to suggest a lack of connection or involvement, while 'disconnected' might emphasize a break in continuity or coherence. 'Discretional' is another synonym, suggesting something that is open to personal choice or decision-making. Lastly, 'disjunct' is a useful synonym, meaning disconnected or lacking a relationship with something else.

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    Discrete mathematics is the study of mathematical problems that can be posed in the form of specific problems or questions. As opposed to continuous mathematics, which deals with problems that can be graphed on a coordinate plane or in other continuous domains, discrete mathematics consists of problems that can be solved discretely, that is, one at a time. Often, discrete mathematics is used in conjunction with discrete probability and computer science.

    One of the most famous problems in discrete mathematics is the Chinese stamp problem.

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